What I can do for you...

Marketing Audit, Strategy Development, Implementation

To gain a full picture of how to build a marketing plan we must first start by knowing about the marketing history of your business, known results of that marketing activity and your current customer base. We must also research the market, including communication channels your customers are likely to use and study your competitors. From there...plan...action...review.


So, research first then the hands-on application of the agreed strategy. I can build that marketing plan, with your input, and depending on your requirements and internal resource I can provide support to implement.

Let me help you with...

  • Research and build a robust marketing strategy document with practical guidance.

  • Advise on building a digital marketing strategy, including a social media plan and email campaigns.

  • Guidance on content for social media and develop content for email marketing and other marketing collateral.

  • Attend events and meet potential clients on your behalf.

Brand Building

Strength of brand is pivotal to business sustainability and growth. It's about reputation and building advocacy. In today's age of social media, it is more important than ever to have a firm identity and live out brand values and personality every day.

Let me help with your brand development, building upon your unique story that resonates with the ethos of your business. Make your story engaging and keep existing customers hooked, while reaching out to new customers and new markets and develop like-minded partnerships.

It's importation to build your brand, a story to support brand and build a communication strategy to reach out.

Let me help you with...

  • Brand audit;

  • Story development;

  • Team inclusion;

  • Communication strategy.

Travel Trade & Tourism Agency Connections

For businesses operating within the tourism industry, I have extensive contacts within UK and international travel trade; tourism industry bodies at regional and national level, and government agencies. I have worked within the travel and tourism industry, both domestically and internationally, for 20 years and I have developed a well-recognised profile and a respected reputation as someone with passion and the ability to deliver.

Let me help you with...

  • Assessment of the market potential for your business in relation to the travel trade.

  • Build relationships with tourism bodies and seek out the events best suited for your business to reach out to this market segment.

  • Represent your business making direct contact with travel and tourism industry influencers through office visits and networking at industry events.

  • Develop a strategy to establish meaningful on-going digital communication to raise your profile with the decision makers and keep it there, at the forefront of their minds for future potential business.

Representation at Shows & Events

It is an often misunderstood and mismanaged area of business communication and engagement.


Choosing the right show or event for your business to gain greatest value for money is the first stage. It is then about getting the presentation right and most importantly the people. I've seen all the best and the not so best practice and with countless trade and consumer events under my belt I know how to get the best out of this communication platform.

Let me help you with...

  • Selecting the best shows and networking events to attend for B2B and B2C markets.

  • Plan the objectives of attending the show and communication strategy pre and post-event.

  • Train teams on best practice while attending an event.


Event Training

People buy people...interaction at events is a specific skill and people in your business who take part in shows and events require to be prepared for this environment and know what is expected of them to gain maximum benefit from the cost of being there.

Let me help you with...


  • Advising your team on how to prepare for an event: how to research and engage with the right buyers before the event.

  • Develop succinct product descriptions to help teams efficiently and consistently communicate your brand and learn from buyers their needs, since each touch-point with a buyer lasts only minutes.

  • Best practice for at-the-show engagement and conduct.

  • Strategy to aid with lead segmentation and after-event follow-up.


Media Relations & PR


With extensive media experience and understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of working with the media I can assist with any interaction or attention, invited or otherwise.

Let me help you with...

  • Manage and make the most of media interest.

  • Create engaging news...spread the word and raise your profile through on and offline media.

Generate all forms of Communication

As a storyteller I can produce engaging written and visual communication for all platforms: digital and print & display. I also create presentations and deliver in an engaging manner to secure buy-in, bringing a brand to life. 

Let me help you with...

  • Copywriting for website content and blogs, brochures and promotional literature, adverts and advertorials.

  • Generate content and assist with design of storyboards and orientation signage.

  • Design and deliver presentations to enliven the brand story and deliver an engaging presentation to teams, stakeholder groups, customers and potential customers.

  • Train individual team members, with the right aptitude, to strengthen their ability to handle delivery of brand story to B2B and B2C customers.


Tell Tale Marketing

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Brydekirk, Dumfries and Galloway

DG12 5LP Scotland

E: lyndamcd2017@gmail.com   

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