Marketing is the whole not a

part of your business. From 

product development to

customer service training; from logo design to communication style, it all comes back to how you market your business.

My Story...

I am a marketing and communications advisor with a passion for brand and developing a business's own story. I believe that if you establish your brand ethos that resonates with your target market all else will fall into place. 


All my working life in sales and marketing, nearly 30 years, the pleasure I take is from the enthusiasm business owners have for what they's infectious and I love to help shape a business story...share it and get others talking.


Over 25 years I have been immersed in marketing and communications in tourism; hospitality and retail industry sectors. Since becoming freelance I have already worked with a range of clients in all these sectors developing marketing plans, digital marketing strategies and creative content for websites and marketing material. 


I have in-depth experience covering all areas of marketing, including digital marketing; PR & media relations through consumer and travel trade destination marketing; development of products & experiences in line with brand and the overarching development of brand essence and integrity. I have also developed international marketing strategies, specifically through the travel trade and in-bound tourism agencies.

In October 2017 I embarked on a new chapter in my life by becoming a freelance marketing advisor, so that I may offer my skills to a range of businesses needing new inspiration and support with their marketing.


As I add to my own story, I enjoy embracing the stories told to me by business owners and managers who want help to expand their market share, find new customers, develop new products and customer experiences, build their brand and inspire teams.

Why Tell Tale Marketing...

As a marketing and communications specialist, the essence of what I do is convey the story of a business and its brand; what makes it unique and gives the business stand-out and creates buy-in.


A brand builds character through its storytelling...that's what marketing's what ALL business is...even the mundane and necessary things...if there's a choice to make there must be a story to place you ahead of's who to tell it to; where to tell it and how to tell it that becomes the thinking and planning part but first you must have the story and I love telling a story.


Tell Tale Marketing

Riverside Cottage, Newpark

Brydekirk, Dumfries and Galloway

DG12 5LP Scotland


T: 07948 201635

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